I’m Kim, a Canadian singer-songwriter based in Guelph, Ontario. I have lived in Guelph my whole life, and its vibrant music scene has been a huge influence on my songwriting journey. My story as a singer-songwriter has been long and winding…. 

As a young child, I told my teachers that I wanted to be a singer when I grew up -  despite being very reserved about my voice. If anything, I think I actually wanted to be a writer. I started keeping a journal from the age of 8, and to this day I have over 40 notebooks filled with my ideas, poems, and creative writing endeavours. 

 At the age of 12 I was heavily encouraged learn the guitar - something that I was not thrilled about at the time. My small act of defiance was demanding to learn Avril Lavigne songs even when they were “beyond my skill level”. I began singing along out of pure necessity so that I could play her songs for my friends.

At the age 15, I had my first solo performance at my high school, and this sparked my interest in playing music live.

During this time, some of my friends were in bands that were quite successful, playing local gigs and at Hillside festival. This inspired me to integrate my passion for writing with my developing guitar and singing abilities and I ventured into songwriting. I wrote my first songs between 2008-2010, but these endeavours were put on pause for my academic pursuits at the University of Guelph (go Gryphons!).

In 2017 I returned to school and began working with young children - and these experiences pulled me out of my musical hiatus. I picked up the guitar to write a song with a classroom and to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star at various tempos for the toddlers in my care at the CCLC (UofG). I didn’t write a new song until December 2019, but since then I have been polishing off my original work to record some demos and (hopefully!) my first EP.

While I tend to play covers when performing live, I love to share my original work as well. It feels so absolutely raw and authentic to share my hard work with others on stage - and hearing people clap and sing along is what keeps me doing it! 

While the COVID-19 pandemic impacted my plans to perform at open mics and take bookings for events and bars, I have shifting offering my services to online formats. I participate in open mics virtually, host my own mini concert series via Instagram LIVE, and take bookings for larger concerts from home. During this time I keep my Instagram page and YouTube channel up-to-date with the latest covers I am learning and my exploration into home recording! 

Thank you for taking the time to read my story!



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